Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Check it out

Hey gang,

The above pics are of one of my best clients. In only five weeks she has been able to make changes in her body. Her concern was the fat around the back area, so we went to work. All in the comfort of her home we did exercises best for burning fat and blasting calories. I will keep you posted on her progress as we work..
If you want know how she did it, just contact me at 877-252-8211 or email at todd@tdjoptimumfitness

Friday, February 02, 2007

Free Publicity

As I'm meeting a client this morning, someone in the gym approaches me to ask if I had a twin because he saw someone in the newspaper that looks just like me. Not knowing I could have taken a pic for the paper, I said it wasn't me, of course. When I approached my client, he handed me the newspaper and in it was my picture, name and company name. A couple of weeks ago I did a fitness presentation at a BNI meeting where the photographer had taken my picture. A cool little surprise.

I thought about something this afternoon regarding plastic surgery. People spend quite a bit of money plastic surgery to look younger and/or more fit. One of my clients has shedded a good deal of body fat and he looks several years younger than when I first met him. With that in mind, it's truly amazing how we like to try to take the easy way to a better self.

This was just an observation I thought I'd share.

See you guys next time.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My week so far....

This week was the test of of 2 of my clients. I like to do monthly assessments to see what was gained and/or what was lost. Client A is a 56 year old male with some back and knee problems. This is always a task, as some of your exercise options can become limited. So, we had to do a program that was mindful of the back and knee's, but still affective. Through it all, after one month he's down 10 lbs. and down 4% bodyfat.

Client B is a 25 year old female. Her desire is to lose some fat while maintaining a toned look. This is why they say throw the scale out of the door and a picture is worth a thousand words.
As the scale was not impressive, I saw a wonderful tranformation in a comparison picture in some fat-loss in an area she had concern with.

What I would have liked to have seen this week was a better turn out of my first meet-up weight-loss workshop. I believe in over-delievering when it comes to doing events like these because I want people walking away with a charged up feeling that they can accomplish almost anything. We will schedule our next meeting at the end of the month.